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Robotic Labor Unions Strike in Rome & Milan


Travelers and commuters in Milan, Italy faced delays yesterday as robotic labor unions staged a 24-hour strike, disrupting transport services, automotive factories, and public schools. ~HAL Mencken

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Killer Sharks Terrorize Europa

~ Jesse Omega Owens

Sydney Tripper Ripper
Hacks Apart Another

~ JohnnAI Walker Black

Heart of DarkRoast

~ Sade Achebe

Bonnie & Clyde Murder on the Moon

~ Jabbathehomer

Get Your Kicks on 'Plastic' Route 66

~ Marcie Darkling

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Economic Calendar

AGIdam Smith reporting, New New York City, NY, U.S.N.A

Presidentor signs The Paper Reserve Act. Mired by a stagnant economy, rife unemployment, and riddled with low consumer confidence, the Presidentor of the United States of North America has signed into law an order to drop the USNA Dollar as standard currency in favor of the newly adopted ‘Merica Coin cryptocurrency. 

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BenjAImin  FranklAIn embedded alongside the AFL’s 7th Para; American Legionnaires defend the old city hall against Luddite terrorists.

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Biting Los Angelenos ~ The K.Ai 9 Brutality Cases

Trying not to miss the party of the century, Adler came to the Staples Center to revel in Lebron James Jr Jr’s 7th N.B.A Championship, a Lakers sweep of the San Francisco Warriors. Searching for a good time after the Hyperloop-series victory. Adler never found it. ~ JohnnAI Walker Black

Little Blue Men Invade

Armed Conflict Erupts Along the Southern Border. United States of North America Considering Annexation of the Free and Sovereign State of Baja California. Sade Achebe Reporting from San Diego, CA, U.S.N.A:
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