Killer Sharks Terrorize Europa

Sharks are roaming the ocean surface of Europa reeking havoc on the Interplanetary Yacht racing championship, bringing this years competition to a biting halt. ~ Jesse Omega Owens

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Telepathic Cows Seize the Chicago Steakscraper

Vive la révolution on the old vertical farm. A cadre of telepathic cows have captured the Chicago Steakscraper. Achieved during a military style coup late last night…
~Marcie Darkling

Doctors w/o Planets Vaccinate Against Mars Malaria Outbreak

Médecins Sans Planètes Headquarters, Copernicus City, Mars. Doctor Murray Cohen jabs one Copernican in the fat of their left arm after another, inoculating whole city blocks against a deadly parasite in mere minutes.

The Genetic Weapons of Mass Destruction Gap

futurus genetic

Democratist Party candidate, Xavier Grant, challenged the Presidentor of the United States of North America on her continental security record, stating publicly, “There is a gap, a genetic gap, a space gap, a missile gap, a limited war gap between the U.S.N.A and the Chinese Union.”
~HAL Mencken

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