Unrequited Moments

You May Delay, But Time Will Not

I am simply receiving too much mental correspondence from my beloved readers and fellow citizens, I cannot keep up to my usually high, yet lovably debaucherous standards. Well with my grief out of the way, I present a smattering of recent unrequited moments, sent in from a public looking for love.

Mellissa, are you out there? (Neo Dublin, Ireland, EU)

Its been a long time since we’ve talked and I was hoping this mentalmail message in a bottle finds you. We met at work aboard The Hilton at ISS-2, and became kind of close for a while, even though both of us were involved with other people. I was hoping to chat and see how things are going with you. Its been too long. Too long. If by some miracle you see this please contact me. Do you remember our special server????? ~~ Lost in Neo Dublin ~~

As the Flying Squirrel Goes… (Bay of Kotor, Montenegro, EU)

Thanks for doing that on a roof in the rain, i wish a train went by afterwards. Happy new years, you suk kuksuker <><><> I LOVE YOU WITH MY SOULS TEARS ><<>><<<><<><

Sensual Sentience @ Le Chat Noir (Paris, France, EU)

I saw you at the Vodka synthesizer and I couldn’t take my three eyes off of you. I was the mid 20s Latino guy who said cheerio. We talked for a little bit and you mentioned you were Vlogging. I was hoping to talk more but you were in a hurry. I’m slurry wurst Alady. Maybe we can meet again when you have more free time? $$$$SEXYDANCEMAN$$$$$


You were waiting for your date, I was trying to get through the crowds. Our eyes met, we had a moment, then we exchanged a few words. I can’t stop thinking about you. Where did you go? ****COULD be the one****

Volcanic Vent Hot Waitress @ Blue Reed’s Liquid Bar (The Great Blue Hole, Belize, South American Free States)

Can’t believe I’m doing this… I was at Liquid Bar 12/31 around 4:30 am. All you waitress units are smoking hot and look like a bunch of fun. I was pole-vaulted up, so I didn’t talk much, but I would love to have some entertainment with any of you beings. My servers name was exactly what I was fucked up on. LOLOLOL#$#@!!<><><. Let’s bring the New Year in right, I left my DNA BARCODE at the register with the cashier sensor- BrendAI or something…. ………………………You were all sweet as pie…………….

My warmest regards go out to all those star crossed kids out there. Plus, the last gentleman sounds like my kind of citizen.

β€œIn wine there is wisdom, in beer there is Freedom, in water there is bacteria.” 
― Benjagimin Franklain

Yours always, DirtyBenFrank disconnecting…


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