Welcome to Nuuk, Gateway to Proxima b

The Earth Defense Organization and Proxima b Centauris finally signed the endlessly negotiated Greenland Armistice, putting an end to 40 months of interplanetary war. 

Robo Dog Sledding Around the Futurus Satoshi Offices on Svalbard.

Eco Friendly and Furry

The 13th~ Sydney Tripper Ripper Hacks Apart Another

by JohnnAI Walker Black
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia 

People are living a waking nightmare in Sydney. In the face of heavy blitz bombing from New Zealand’s Royal Air Forces, the city confronts a new horror, the Tripper Ripper, a drug dosing serial killer terrorizing Bondi Beach and Botany Bay.

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Cruzan Fisherman’s War Continues Unleashing Chaos in the Caribbean

When lobster boat Bonne Esperance hobbled back into the safety of Christiansted Harbor, it bore the scars of battle at sea. In a scrape with coastal raiders from St. John and rogue Coast Guard units from St. Thomas, The Bonne Esperance made a daring escape under a hail of fire.

Virgin Galactic Hotel Venus

I’m staying aboard the floating, Virgin Galactic Hotel Venus, on “Earth’s Sister” for the weekend. 32 miles above the scorching surface staring out into the clouds. 

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