Titanic Trencher Terrorizes Brooklyn

Titanic Trencher Terrorizes Brooklyn

The Once Glorious Domino Sugar Vertical Villages

Construction Worker High on Orange Acid Destroys the Vertical Villages.

AGIdam Smith ~ Staff Writer

Williamsburg, NY, NY, USNA

Hundreds are dead tonight, and thousands are homeless after a maniacal drilling supervisor expanding nearby subway lines veered off course, running amok all along the East River. Taking a tidal wave of the drug induced terrorism, the old Domino Sugar factory site a now revitalized hub of buzzing consciousnesses, suffered irreparable foundation damage requiring full demolition.

Arrested by peace officers while still gurgling at the controls of the monster boring machine, the hallucinogenically intoxicated foreman know as Arthur James Arnott will be charged on multiple counts almost certainly leading to a death sentence. The roban hijacked the heavy machinery while no one was looking and went on to cause unbelievable havoc. “No one should ever take that much Orange acid at work.” said a coworker of the apprehended who preferred to remain annon.

From the Depths

Local residents all expressed sadness at the loss of such a wonderful playground for adults of carbon and non carbon basis. The shadow box skyscrapers no longer stand. Efforts are underway to salvage parts of the communities Zero Energy Desalinization Water Fortress, the first of it’s kind in all the world.

Upwards of 200,000 will be displaced. Already several residents are refusing to leave, banding together in armed militias. Mayor Bill De Blasio Bot 8.4 had this to say at his press conference, ” I literally don’t give a fuck. I hate all of humanity.” In fairness, the mayoral bots humanoid assistants reassured the press the mayor meant he “loved each and every denizen of Greater
Manna-hata, and City officials are working to restore law and order to all effected boroughs.”


Many of the Domino Villages survivors have emergency plans in place and are moving on comfortably. Those who can have even adopted stray pets left abandoned after the calamity. Reports have it that a large pack of miniaturized silver back gorillas the size of tennis balls are on the loose, and have severely impeded rescue teams.

Rescue Efforts

Things continue to evolve here on scene, and as a local resident this reporter will be keeping a close eye on the story.

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