Satoshi Selection Service

Content of the Month Club : April; Gun, with Occasional Music. >>>>>The rundown>>>> Gumshoe Conrad Metcalf has problems—there’s a rabbit in his waiting room and a trigger-happy kangaroo on his tail. Near-future Oakland is a brave new world where evolved animals are members of society, the police monitor citizens by their karma levels, and mind-numbing drugs such as Forgettol and Acceptol are all the rage.Metcalf … Continue reading Satoshi Selection Service

Truce Declared Cease Fire Ends Centauri Alien War

The Treaty of Nuuk is Signed Ending Hostilites Between Earth and Proxima b After 40 Months. JohnnAI Walker Black ~ Staff Writer Katuaq Cultural Center: Nuuk, Sermersooq, Free State of Greenland The Earth Defense Organization and Proxima b Centauris finally signed the endlessly negotiated Greenland Armistice, putting an end to 40 months of interplanetary war. Generals from both sides are hesitant to lower their readiness, let alone put … Continue reading Truce Declared Cease Fire Ends Centauri Alien War