SuperSuper Bowl Stunner

SuperSuper Bowl Stunner Pats Rally to 3rd Straight


Brady Bot caps a near automatic comeback victory in the second leg of the World Football League SuperSuper Bowl devastating Las Vegas VirtualPresence Casinos. 156-149

Jesse Omega Owens ~~ Staff Writer

The Tokyo Dome,
Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan

The robotic reincarnation of Thomas Brady threw for 11 touchdowns squashing the Tokyo Sword in SuperSuper Bowl 23, winning 156-149 with a velvety second leg comeback. Heavy rain and lightning before the match, along with a 33 point deficit meant the defending Champions VirtualVegas WagerMargins plummeted, as many took the elements to be a bad omen. Regardless of the stadium having a fantastic roof.

Tokyo Sword RB Abe Scrounges for 348 Rushing yards

Humanoid Bill3 Belichick drew up a complex strategy, even utilizing the latest MagNusCarlSOn playbook chaos scrambler. The coach supplied Brady Bot his typical last minute drive///game winning opportunity. Motorized perfection won Brady and Belichick their 17th rings.

Defensively the Swords put on a spartan effort, finally succumbing to the aerial onslaught. Brady Bot was deadly this game, killing two Tokyo corner-backs after direct headshots on missed high velocity curl routes. The home crowd fans didn’t miss out on all the carnage either, as four lost limbs.

Brady Bot took the hand off of a young musician in the crowd innocently holding a vodka tonic, and only in attendance at the game due to his girlfriend. “I’ll be okay, I’m gonna get a new hand with a couple’a extra thumbs. And next time, we’re going to a cockfight.” Said the young bassist as he was being carted away by stadium medics and robotic EMT’s.

As always, there is talk of Brady Bot and Belichick retiring, but, I don’t see. They’re running. I know running. Our requests to interview Bill3 Belichick have meet with little interest and no return telepathy.

Bill3 MentalMails Brady Bot a Hot Route during crucial 3rd quarter play///

Next season begins in 9 weeks. Both teams are already in states of perpetual preparedness. Goodnight sports fans, this reporter has been invited to the after party, apparently Robotic Ringo Starr was in attendance. Big fan of the Sword.

Jesse Omega Owens disconnecting…

The Tokyo Dome in Lights

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