Killer Sharks on Europa

Today’s incident started far below the surface, as research stations studying prodigious fish stocks roused the aggressive shark species. 

Olympics Add Cricket in 2028

Cricket is back in the Olympics. Rejoice World. The “Spirit of Cricket” will illuminate the Games.

A.I Surfer Rescue

This years “Intergalactic Eddie” turned into a desperate rescue mission before midday on exoplanet Gliese 1214b, referred to as, the Waterworld

Sandy Koufax Bot Strikes Out 30

Bothersome to the outfielders has been the linear park environment allowing the building to play a part in the game, and the fans to once again be up close and personal like the heydays of baseball’s classic parks.

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SuperSuper Bowl Stunner Pats Rally to 3rd Straight

Humanoid Bill3 Belichick drew up a complex strategy, even utilizing the latest MagNusCarlSOn playbook chaos scrambler.


Baseball and a startup Artificial Intelligence company have teamed up under extreme secrecy to install an automated mistake proof umpiring system that will drastically change America’s game.

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