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The Incal – Mental Movie Trailer

MarcieMyDarkling has expanded her role. It’s on to movie reviews… from the future… Next week she’ll be at the premier of the long, long, long delayed adaption of Alejandro Jodorowsky and Jean Giraud masterpiece, The Incal

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  • The Recent Mixed-Media, Floral Creations of Sage Vaughn
    Examining the theme of survival, the floral figures of Sage Vaughn's recent body of work carry elegance and provocation. Recent work shown at Unit London, rendered in acrylic, ink, oil, and vellum on canvas, show an artist reflecting on the power and harshness of nature. Vaughn was featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. 26.More
    Andy Smith
  • Hi-Fructose Vol. 52 Preview!
    The London Police The 52nd Volume of Hi-Fructose is coming! This coming issue arrives in July and features print-exclusive articles on: the paintings of Aron Wiesenfeld, the dynamically disturbing charcoal drawings of Anna Park, the bright and mysterious houses of Valeriya Volkova, the figurative paintings of Denis Sarazhin, Shyama Golden and the elusive Catsquatch, the […]
    Andy Smith
  • The Textile Armor of Sandra de Groot
    Sandra de Groot crafts soft armor and ornate headpieces in her macramé “kNOTs” series. When the works adorn models, they are activated in a way that appears both regal and fantastical. Each piece feels independent of any one place or time. More
    Andy Smith

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