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The Incal – Mental Movie Trailer

MarcieMyDarkling has expanded her role. It’s on to movie reviews… from the future… Next week she’ll be at the premier of the long, long, long delayed adaption of Alejandro Jodorowsky and Jean Giraud masterpiece, The Incal

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  • The Figurative Paintings of Edward del Rosario
    Painter Edward del Rosario's theatrical, yet controlled tableaus carry cross-cultural references. Often in the artist’s work, each of the characters seem to have their own narrative or motivation, creating a piece teeming with both humor and surprising complexity, once absorbed. More
    Andy Smith
  • The Cityscapes of Matias Bechtold
    Matias Bechtold uses cardboard, plastics, and objects found around a home to erect intricate cityscapes. One of the most dazzling aspects of Bechtold’s work is how he’s able to use packaging materials and even vacuum cleaners to create texturally convincing skylines. In an architectural sense, the artist is also playing with what’s possible within the […]
    Andy Smith
  • The Acrylic Paintings of Ivy Haldeman
    Over the past few years, many of Ivy Haledeman's intimate paintings have focused on an anthropomorphic female hot dog character. The character bends and lounges across the canvas, often extending most of its form out of our view. While surely offering more erotic themes to extract, Haldedeman’s paintings also seem to be offering reflections on […]
    Andy Smith

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  • Required Reading
    This week, the 1619 project, personal book curators, corporate America’s ‘Elite Charade,' Epstein's intellectual enabler, hand embroidered animation, and more. The post Required Reading appeared first on Hyperallergic.
    Hrag Vartanian
  • N. C. Wyeth’s Artistic Aspirations
    Illustration provided Wyeth a very comfortable living, but did not satisfy his deep ambition to be taken seriously in the art world. The post N. C. Wyeth’s Artistic Aspirations appeared first on Hyperallergic.
    Mark Scroggins
  • Chance the Rapper Ties the Knot, and You’re Invited
    Chance the Rapper’s new release, The Big Day, is celebratory and playful, but also wheedling — he wants to convince you that marriage is a good decision. The post Chance the Rapper Ties the Knot, and You’re Invited appeared first on Hyperallergic.
    Lucas Fagen

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  • Vintage Cameras Dissected With a Saw and Suspended in Resin by Fabian Oefner
    For his latest series titled “CutUp,” artist Fabian Oefner (previously) used a band saw to slice film and still cameras into pieces, revealing their beautiful and complex inner workings. The pieces were rearranged, reassembled, and suspended in resin in interesting configurations. Each new sculpture transforms the tools for making art into new works of art […]
    Andrew LaSane
  • Models with Albinism Challenge Standards of Beauty in Photographs by Justin Dingwall
    Photographer Justin Dingwall (previously) continues to challenge how the public perceives and defines beauty. In his photo series “Albus,” butterflies and snakes rest on models with albinism as symbols of transformation and change. The images are a celebration of diversity and an invitation for viewers to question and rethink conventional beauty standards. The series includes […]
    Andrew LaSane


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