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The Incal – Mental Movie Trailer

MarcieMyDarkling has expanded her role. It’s on to movie reviews… from the future… Next week she’ll be at the premier of the long, long, long delayed adaption of Alejandro Jodorowsky and Jean Giraud masterpiece, The Incal

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  • From the Archives: An Interview with Gerhard Demetz
    It is often said that children are privy to a certain wisdom inaccessible to adults, that their naivete allows them to gaze at the world without the cynicism that comes from a long time of living in it. In his large-scale wood sculptures, Italian artist Gehard Demetz presents children as powerful figures — knowing, self-aware […]
    Nastia Voynovskaya
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  • The Installations and Sculptures of Rob Voerman
    Rob Voerman's massive installations and sculptures examine issues of wealth, climate change, and poverty—and where our current behaviors may take us. Projects like "The Exchange" posit that the only way to save natural resources is to tether it to currency.
    Andy Smith

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  • Required Reading
    This week, trees communicate with one another, the new Billie Holiday documentary, maskless stress dreams, and more.
    Elisa Wouk Almino
  • The Fallacies of Whiteness
    Divya Mehra offers a complex view of race and identity that supplants the myth of a monolithic Other.
    Natalie Haddad
  • Anne Truitt’s Spiritual Quest
    As her death approached, was the artist starting fresh or beginning to let go?
    John Yau

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