Biting Los Angeles ~ K.Ai 9 Brutality Cases

Adler froze in front of a growling metal beast, a robotic police dog, accompanying a small squad of L.A.P.D officers patrolling the Gilbert Plaza transit station.

The Genetic Weapons of Mass Destruction Gap

Democratist Party candidate, Xavier Grant, challenged the Presidentor on her continental security record, stating, “There is a gap. A genetic gap, a space gap, a missile gap between the U.S.N.A and the Chinese Union.”

Nigerian Troops Invade São Tomé

NAF Dropships Deposit Thousands of Heavily Armed Shock Troops on Beachheads Around the Island Nation of São Tomé and Príncipe, Completing Conquest in Under 8 Hours.

Little Blue Men Cross Tijuana

No official response has been issued by the Presidentor of the United States of North America, however, he did comment before boarding Air Force Rocket One back to the White House in Lebanon, Kansas.

Separatist Monks Blast China Space Elevator

Clear skies, tranquil waves, and a full moon provided a fleeting perfection Thursday night, as specially brainwashed assault monk teams gathered at the base of the Mao Liànjiē Space Elevator, secured within Luhuitou Space Park on the mouth of Sanya Harbor.

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  • The Voidz Play The Moon
    Fame. Glory. Laughter. Noises. The story remains the same. Riff after cosmic riff, the Voidz play the void. Christening the first performance venue on Earth’s only natural satellite, the band stunned in the inaugural off world rock concert. Casablancas and company belted out their new album and a selection of favorites to a sold out … Continue reading The Voidz Play The Moon
  • Ice Cube Whales of Enceladus
    Ice Cube Whales of Enceladus Spark Intra Galactic Environmental Debate.
  • Heart of DarkRoast
  • Huawei Hijacks Hoboken
    Chaos erupted late last night as the entire city of Hoboken’s electronic infrastructure went haywire. Traffic lights started blinking deep red and beeping out the Chinese Communist Union national anthem, ATMs and Bitcoin machines spit out all the bills in their money drawers, digitized storefronts and billboards all flashed odd products and began running state sponsored news direct from Beijing.

Space Force Battleship Trump

Armstrong Space Works hosted a lavish ceremony to celebrate America’s initial entry to its intragalactic fleet.

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Truce Declared Cease Fire Ends Centauri Alien War

The Earth Defense Organization and Proxima b Centauris finally signed the endlessly negotiated Greenland Armistice, putting an end to 40 months of interplanetary war.

Digizens to Citizens; Internet FlashArmy captures CERN

Digizens unite, the internet nation of Perubique manifested itself physically today as the upstart cyber union deployed a flesh and blood flasharmy upon the Swiss city Meyrin, home of CERN, birthplace of the world wide web.

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“All politics is inter-dimensional.”