Nigerian Troops Invade São Tomé

NFA Drop Troopers Secure Pico Cão Grande Before Securing Whole of Island.

NAF Dropships Deposit Thousands of Heavily Armed Shock Troops on Beachheads Around the Island Nation of São Tomé and Príncipe, Completing Conquest in Under 8 Hours.

Sade Achebe ~~ Staff Writer

Av. da Independência, São Tomé, São Tomé and Príncipe

Emerging from early Sunday morning mists, commandos of Nigera’s 72nd and 133rd Special Forces, along with an accompanying naval armada attacked and overwhelmed São Tomé Civil Defense units to seize control of the entire island nation in under 8 hours. Gowon Division droptroopers fell to earth at several key mountain passes, shipping ports, and along the national highway system. Those units falling first secured safe beachheads for the remaining NFA forces. Altough meeting little resistance, there have been reports of shooting POWs rather than detaining them, and it appears over 100 villages between São Tomé and the south have been burned.

Invading São Tomé, a small island nation in the Gulf of Guinea, Nigeria is adding to a burgeoning empire along the South Atlantic, rivaling Greater Brazillia. Though small, the island’s recent discovery of rare earth minerals in the ocean crust just offshore, as well as the shock that Pico Cão Grande is over 70% Copper make it a ripe target. A natural oddity, the copper fused with rock deep in the earths core some time ago. Long hidden by local economic officials for fear of neighboring countries greed, but, as of late more and more viral telepathy has leaked on the subject. This reporter is currently holed up in a Cafe Luna on Independence Avenue in downtown São Tomé, near old Fort Sebastian. Most civilians have locked themselves away and just about every other business is closed up.

NFA forces are now consolidating their positions along the island in the face of expected local uprisings. Commandos control the valuable Pico Cão Grande, and every important point of access and transit in the pixel sized nation. Access and control of
Pico Cão Grande is of concern to most Nigerian tech conglomerates, as pirated telepathic communiques between high level executives revealed last month. Army Units hold Obo National Park and patrol the countryside. Naval ships prowl the coast and Nigerian elite marines control the port cities and small enclaves.

A growing Nigerian Empire flexing increased regional muscle, the nation feels bold after it’s “peaceful” annexation its Cameroonian neighbor. Upwards of half a million died during the annexation process. São Tomé’s resources and strategic position in the Gulf make it a valuable asset.

International condemnation has been lacking. No unified response has been given, and only a handful of nations have protested. The United States of North America has been silent on the matter, while the Continental European Union has decried the ugly rise of another fascist empire. No requests to interview Nigerian Army or Special Forces leaders have been granted. More to come as the situation develops.

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São Tomé Civic Center as Residents Flee Incoming Nigerian Amy Forces.

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