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Armed Conflict Erupts Along the Southern Border.
United States of North America Considering Annexation of the Free and Sovereign State of Baja California. 
Sade Achebe Reporting from San Diego, CA, USNA:

Fording the Tijuana River across several locations late last night hordes of armed men crossed into Mexican Federation territory occupying Tecate and seizing control of Mexicali, the Baja California state capital. 


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  • Turkey unveils hybrid main battle tank
    Turkey has unveiled an upgraded version of its hybrid main battle tank which combining the hull of a Leopard 2A4 with the turret of an Altay. The latest version of the tank was displayed during the visit of the Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar to the BMC Plant. The upgraded Leopard 2A4 is equipped […]
    Dylan Malyasov
  • U.S. Navy enters Black Sea near Russia
    The U.S. Navy destroyer is back in the Black Sea for the first time since last year. On Saturday, the U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Afric has announced that Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Donald Cook (DDG 75) entered the Black Sea. “The first FDNF [Forward-Deployed Naval Forces-Europe] destroyer to visit the Black Sea in 2021, #Donaldcook […]
    Colton Jones
  • Myanmar orders troubled Pantsir-S1 air defense system
    Russian state media reported on Friday that Myanmar’s Armed Forces has ordered a once formidable Pantsir-S1 (NATO reporting name SA-22 Greyhound) air defense system. The Russian state-run TASS news agency said the agreement was signed at a ceremony attended by Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu, who is in Myanmar on an official visit, and the […]
    Dylan Malyasov

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  • Review – James Ker-Lindsay’s YouTube Channel
    James Ker-Lindsay's accessible YouTube videos provide a wealth of factual information, examples and analysis on the state, self-determination and secession.
    Irene Fernández-Molina
  • Interview – Eva Koulouriotis
    Political analyst Eva Koulouriotis discusses Turkish foreign policy, Turkey's role in Nagorno-Karabakh, as well as her work with the European Union of Women.
    E-International Relations
  • Introducing Varieties of European Subsidiarity
    The question of how powers should be distributed between the EU and the member states requires an empirical investigation into the practical application of subsidiarity from the perspective of multiple disciplines.
    Günter Walzenbach and Ralf Alleweldt
  • Punk AF: Resisting Postmodern Interpretations of Punk Culture in World Politics
    Regarding punk as symbolic of postmodernity creates a misleading narrative that punk culture, despite its structural whiteness, was anti-racist, counter-hegemonic, and socio-politically resistant.
    Patterson Deppen

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  • Their Hope for a Brighter Future Inspires Us All
    NEW YORK, Jan 23 (IPS) - Looking back upon 2020, we all bear the scars of a devastating year; none so much as girls and boys around the world. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted education for over 1.6 billion children and youth globally and continues to do so. It has also deepened socio-economic inequities and heightened […]
    Global Issues
  • President Biden Refuses to Make our Climate Crisis Worse
    Jan 22 (IPS) - I wasn’t going to stop for the school bus stuck in the mud outside of Fort McMurray, Alberta in the heart of the Canada’s tar sands industry but my kids insisted. It had been raining most of the week and the grassy field was soaked and slick. We stopped and got […]
    Global Issues
  • Teach Us How to Become Carpenters South Sudanese Want to Shape Their Future
    Likuangole, South Sudan, Jan 22 (IPS) - Located in Jonglei state, one of the most underdeveloped regions of South Sudan, Likuangole is a town badly hit by floods and often battered by conflict. Despite the lack of secondary schools and industry, its residents aspire to transform their lives. But real investment is needed to spur […]
    Global Issues

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  • Scottish Leader Nicola Sturgeon's Party Is Promising A Second Independence Referendum After The Pandemic
    [youtube Reuters: Scottish nationalists lay groundwork for second independence referendum LONDON (Reuters) - The Scottish National Party published a "Roadmap to Referendum" on Saturday, laying out plans for another vote on Scottish independence just as the United Kingdom grapples with COVID-19 and the impact of Brexit. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who would have to agree to […]
    War News Updates Editor
  • Biden Expected To Soon Release CIA Report On Who Killed Khashoggi (Update)
    Zero Hedge: Biden Expected To Soon Release CIA Report On Who Killed Khashoggi, Will 'Embarrass' MbS Despite nervousness in Riyadh over the potential restoration of the Iran nuclear deal and the fact that Joe Biden in 2019 referred to the Saudi kingdom as a "pariah", Saudi authorities are touting this week that Saudi Arabia is prepared […]
    War News Updates Editor
  • Tweets Of The Day
    The emergence of several more infectious strains of the novel #coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 has worried governments and scientists, who are investigating how and why the virus became more transmissible #COVID19— AFP News Agency (@AFP) January 23, 2021 The U.S. surpassed 25 million coronavirus cases on Saturday afternoon. About one in every 13 Americans has tested […]
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Digizens to Citizens; Internet FlashArmy captures CERN

Armed with Tazeweapons digital citizens of the internet nation Perubique used non-lethal methods to capture CERN and Meyrin. The birthplace of the world wide web has been liberated by the //www. itself!!! EU, Swiss, and French Army Units have the municipality surrounded.

Nigerian Troops Invade São Tomé


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