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Armed Conflict Erupts Along the Southern Border.
United States of North America Considering Annexation of the Free and Sovereign State of Baja California. 
Sade Achebe Reporting from San Diego, CA, USNA:

Fording the Tijuana River across several locations late last night hordes of armed men crossed into Mexican Federation territory occupying Tecate and seizing control of Mexicali, the Baja California state capital. 


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  • General Dynamics debuts prototype of newest air defense system
    General Dynamics showcased a prototype of the newest air defense system for the first time in public during the Association of the U.S. Army’s annual conference in Washington, D.C. The first prototype of the Initial-Maneuver-Short Range Air Defense vehicle (IM-SHORAD) made their public debut on 14 October at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in […]
    Dylan Malyasov
  • Bell 360 Invictus helicopter makes public debut
    Bell, part of American conglomerate Textron, displayed mock-up of its new rotorcraft, 360 Invictus, during the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) National Conference. “The Bell 360 will deliver advanced battlefield situational awareness, as well as lethal options, in support of the maneuver force at an affordable cost” said Vince Tobin, executive vice president […]
    Dylan Malyasov
  • L3Harris begun initial deliveries of its new networked night vision goggles
    U.S. defense contractor L3Harris Technologies announced that it has begun initial deliveries of its new Enhanced Night Vision Goggle – Binocular (ENVG-B) that provides U.S. Army soldiers with improved situational awareness, mobility and protection. The delivery is part of an initial order under a $391 million ENVG-B Directed Requirement contract from the U.S. Army received […]
    Dylan Malyasov

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  • Free Trade is Dead
    HANOVER/ BRUSSELS, Oct 14 (IPS) - Bernd Lange has been a Member of European Parliament (MEP) for the German Social Democratic Party (SPD) since 2009, and since 2014 he is chairman of the Trade Committee and a deputy member of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy.   Tim Peter has been a commercial policy […]
    Global Issues
  • Rural Poverty Is Still a Scar on the Soul of Colombia, but a New Program Supporting Agri-Entrepreneurship Can Help Heal the Wounds
    LIMA, Peru, Oct 14 (IPS) - Rural poverty and inequality continue inflicting large swaths of population in Colombia, especially in rural areas. This situation, endemic since at least the beginning of the twentieth century, was at the root of the 50-year long conflict that shattered the country, leaving 220,000 deaths and 5.7 million displaced persons, […]
    Global Issues
  • The #MeToo Movement’s Powerful New Tool
    NEW YORK, Oct 14 (IPS) - If one dreamed up an ambitious global #metoo success story, it might involve governments around the world enthusiastically supporting legal norms and action on sexual harassment with active support and cooperation from businesses and workers.Read the full story, “The #MeToo Movement’s Powerful New Tool”, on →
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  • World News Briefs -- October 14, 2019 (Evening Edition)
    [youtube]FOX News: Trump authorizes sanctions against Turkey amid Syria incursion, calls for end to its 'destabilizing actions'President Trump announced Monday afternoon that he will soon issue an executive order imposing sanctions against Turkey for its "destabilizing" offensive in Syria, amid a bipartisan outcry over the president's troop pullback earlier this month that endangered U.S.-aligned […]
    War News Updates Editor
  • Ukraine Nationalists March In Kyiv In Opposition To The East Ukraine Peace Plan
    [youtube]The Guardian: Far right and nationalists march in Kyiv to oppose east Ukraine peace planUkrainian president calls on protesters to avoid violence as he is criticised for ‘capitulation’Thousands of people have joined a march through Kyiv led by far right groups and nationalist parties to protest against changes to a peace plan for east […]
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  • Ecuador's Government Gives In To Protesters On Oil Subsidies After 2 Weeks Of Protests
    [youtube]Daily Mail: Ecuador's government gives in to protesters and agrees to reinstate fuel subsidies following two weeks of violent clashes that claimed seven lives* President Lenin Moreno scrapped fuel subsidies to get $4.2 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund* Fuel prices doubled and demonstrators took to the streets in their thousands to protest […]
    War News Updates Editor

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Digizens to Citizens; Internet FlashArmy captures CERN

Armed with Tazeweapons digital citizens of the internet nation Perubique used non-lethal methods to capture CERN and Meyrin. The birthplace of the world wide web has been liberated by the //www. itself!!! EU, Swiss, and French Army Units have the municipality surrounded.

Nigerian Troops Invade São Tomé


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