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Content of the Month Club : MAY; Gun, with Occasional Music.

Gumshoe Conrad Metcalf has problems—there’s a rabbit in his waiting room and a trigger-happy kangaroo on his tail. Near-future Oakland is a brave new world where evolved animals are members of society, the police monitor citizens by their karma levels, and mind-numbing drugs such as Forgettol and Acceptol are all the rage.


The Prophet ~~ Kahlil Gibran Imprisoned in Space

Khalil Gibran ~ currently imprisoned for crime against the state, and being held in the Phobos static-drive penitentiary indefinitely.

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  • Writer to Writer: The Women’s Creative Mentorship Project, by Cate Dicharry
    Cultural Cross Sections Cate Dicharry Mmakgosi Anita Tau (left) and Mandisa Mabuthoe (center) work with their mentor, TJ Dema (International Writing Program fall resident, 2012), all from Botswana, at their inaugural mentorship session in Portland, Oregon. Intending to capitalize on our worldwide network of alumni and our long experience of international youth programming at the […]
  • Winners of the Second Annual World Literature Today Translation Prize Announced
    News and Events The Editors of WLT From left, prose winner Samantha Vila, writer Gunter Silva, poetry winner Brian Sneeden, & poet Phoebe Giannisi We are proud to announce Samantha Vila and Brian Sneeden as the recipients of its second annual translation award for students. Consistent with its commitment to publishing literature in translation, the […]
  • José Manuel Cardona’s Orphic Aubade, by Jordi Alonso
    Book Reviews Jordi Alonso Stare Dam, a small loch located on the southern edge of Birnam Wood in Central Perth and Kinross, Scotland / Photo by ShinyPhotoScotland / Flickr José Manuel Cardona’s collection Birnam Wood / El Bosque de Birnam (Salmon Poetry, 2018), translated by his daughter Hélène Cardona, opens with an epigraph from Percy […]

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  • Staff Picks: Satire, Suzi Wu, and Starling Days
    This week, the staff of ‘The Paris Review’ relishes Ron Padgett, studies George Herbert, and stomps around New York to the sounds of Suzi Wu.
    The Paris Review
  • In Praise of Travel, Particularly on Horseback
    Few things pleased Michel de Montaigne more than horseback riding, an activity that allowed him to forget his kidney stones and simply think.
    Antoine Compagnon
  • Tim Rollins and K.O.S.
    One of the youngest members of a South Bronx art collective reflects on how Tim Rollins changed his life.
    Angel Abreu
  • Poetry Rx: Then the Letting Go
    In our column Poetry Rx, readers write in with a specific emotion, and our resident poets—Sarah Kay, Kaveh Akbar, and Claire Schwartz—take turns prescribing the perfect poems to match.
    Claire Schwartz
  • Winter
    Sometimes late at night it slides in—what it felt like to think of my brother outside, in the coldest seasons of his years of homelessness.
    Marin Sardy

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  • The Michael Jackson Songbook
    NOT HAVING PAID strict attention to Michael Jackson’s lyrics before his death, I spent three decades singing, “The chair is not my son” whenever anyone played “Billie Jean.” That changed after I saw Leaving Neverland, the Dan Reed–directed HBO documentary in which two men speak about childhoods spent as Jackson’s special friends. The stories of James Safechuck and […]
    Cord Brooks
  • A Family Habitat: On “The Deer Camp”
    IN THE SUMMER of 1989, 45-year-old Bruce Kuipers bought a 95-acre deer-hunting camp just north of Muskegon on the eastern shores of Lake Michigan. The recently divorced father of three young men — 25, 20, and 18 years of age at the time of the acquisition — Bruce was best known to his family for […]
    Cord Brooks
  • Zones of Independence: A Conversation with Adam Kirsch
    THERE ARE MANY reasons to feel pessimistic about the current state of literary criticism — for a full catalog of ills, see Christian Lorentzen’s recent Harper’s essay — but there are also, thankfully, some grounds for optimism. One of them is Adam Kirsch, the poet-critic and all-around intellect whose engaged and lucid essays on literature […]
    Cord Brooks

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Level 7
The Woman in White
Time Out of Joint
River of Gods
Darkness at Noon
China Mountain Zhang
A Maze of Death
The Martian
The Virgin Suicides
The Transmigration of Timothy Archer
Notes from Underground, White Nights, The Dream of a Ridiculous Man, and Selections from The House of the Dead
Fear and Trembling/Repetition
Ethan Frome
Reporting Vietnam: American Journalism 1959-1975
The Room
The Simulacra
Super Extra Grande

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