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Predictive Non Fiction : Absorb Hacking Darwin by Jamie Metzl


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Content of the Month Club : June; Gun, with Occasional Music.

Gumshoe Conrad Metcalf has problems—there’s a rabbit in his waiting room and a trigger-happy kangaroo on his tail. Near-future Oakland is a brave new world where evolved animals are members of society, the police monitor citizens by their karma levels, and mind-numbing drugs such as Forgettol and Acceptol are all the rage.


The Prophet ~~ Kahlil Gibran Imprisoned in Space

Khalil Gibran ~ currently imprisoned for crime against the state, and being held in the Phobos static-drive penitentiary indefinitely.

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RSS The Paris Review

  • Redux: Nothing to Grind
    This week, we’ve lowered the paywall on a 1993 interview with Fran Lebowitz, a short story by Sigrid Nunez, and a poem by Gevorg Emin.
    The Paris Review
  • The Black Gambling King of Chicago
    “Mushmouth” Johnson’s life was in constant tension between corruption and philanthropy
    Michael LaPointe
  • Sheltering in Place with Montaigne
    Michel de Montaigne’s essay “Of Experience” is about how to live when life itself comes under attack.
    Drew Bratcher
  • The Fairy-Tale Virus
    This Passover our exodus will not be made by wandering a desert, but by a desert—a desertion—wandering through us.
    Sabrina Orah Mark
  • Behind the Mask of Corruption
    What is the function of art? Is it to show us something beautiful? Or is it to tell us what we’ve always known but never admitted to ourselves? 
    Rich Cohen

RSS Los Angeles Review of Books

  • Literary LA: Our Meteoric Quarantine with Harry Dodge
    Subscribe on iTunes | Spotify | SoundCloud | What better way to break out of the stay-in-place doldrums, and reflect on this transformational moment, than to consider the role of the random in the creation of the new with one of our most brilliant shape-shifters, artist Harry Dodge. Kate, Medaya, and Eric speak with Harry […]
  • “My Truth Was in That Contradiction”: A Conversation with Christine Larusso
    CHRISTINE LARUSSO’S POEMS alternate between revelation and privacy, immediacy and distance, memory and forgetting. In her first book, There Will Be No More Daughters (winner of the Madeleine P. Plonsker Emerging Writers Residency Prize and published by Northwestern University Press in October 2019), family secrets and the lies told in the name of assimilation and […]
    Cord Brooks
  • Carceral Progressivism: On Savannah Shange’s “Progressive Dystopia”
    IN LATE SEPTEMBER 2019, immigrant justice activists interrupted the Central Committee meeting of the Democratic Party of Orange County, California. We intervened as the Committee discussed whether to adopt a resolution calling for the abolition of the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (a.k.a. ICE). Though the declaration was largely symbolic, activists nonetheless saw it […]
    Cord Brooks

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Level 7
The Woman in White
Time Out of Joint
River of Gods
Darkness at Noon
China Mountain Zhang
A Maze of Death
The Martian
The Virgin Suicides
The Transmigration of Timothy Archer
Notes from Underground, White Nights, The Dream of a Ridiculous Man, and Selections from The House of the Dead
Fear and Trembling/Repetition
Ethan Frome
Reporting Vietnam: American Journalism 1959-1975
The Room
The Simulacra
Super Extra Grande

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