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Candidate for Presidentor of United States of North America claims a “Genetic Missile Gap exists between the U.S.N.A & Chinese Union.”

This week, Democratist Party candidate, current Senator, and former Space Force Colonel Xavier Grant, challenged the Presidentor of the United States of North America on her continental security record, stating publicly, “There is a gap, a genetic gap, a space gap, a missile gap, a limited war gap between the U.S.N.A and the Chinese Union.” 

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  • Breakingviews TV: Fouled out 11/10/2019
    The NBA is under pressure from Beijing over an executive's support for Hong Kong protests. Pete Sweeney and Clara Ferreira Marques discuss what went wrong, and whether American basketball can figure out a way to stay in China.
  • Breakingviews TV: PG&E dimmed 10/10/2019
    The California utility’s shareholders just got dinged again. The bankruptcy judge let creditors file a rival restructuring plan that gives more to wildfire victims – and less to equity owners. Robert Cyran explains how this shifts power in what will probably be a long process.
  • Breakingviews TV: Repo riposte 09/10/2019
    What happened to rattle the U.S. money markets in September, and what happens next? Anna Szymanski explains the repo ructions, why the Federal Reserve had to intervene, and what it means for monetary policy in the future.

Fording the Tijuana River across several locations late last night hordes of armed men crossed into Mexican Federation territory occupying Tecate and seizing control of Mexicali, the Baja California state capital.

Marines land on Alcatraz ~ CryptoMiners Riot

The Rock is once again the site of heinous cruelty and barbaric fighting. A group of convicts rebelling against living conditions end up scraping like caged rats after their failed escape attempt.

Truce Declared Cease Fire Ends Centauri Alien War

The Earth Defense Organization and Proxima b Centauris finally signed the endlessly negotiated Greenland Armistice, putting an end to 40 months of interplanetary war. 

Kessler Syndrome Smothers Earth

The sky is falling. Unprecedented damage has taken place on an planetary scale. A pinball space debris disaster began late last night, as an unidentified spacecraft launched several mass effect missiles to obliterate and cripple United States of North American internet, communication, and defensive satellite constellations.

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