Dark Side of the Moon Not so Dark After All

Pink Floyd was right all along, massive green pyramids discovered on Moon. 

The English rockers were far ahead of time in understanding complex astrophysics and

Local Sea of Clouds residents where shocked Thursday, after the discovery of luminescent green pyramids smack dead center on the dark side of the moon. Found during the construction of Bezos canal, a newly planned waterway encircling the entire celestial being, the glowing emerald megaliths entranced construction crews for several days. The extended hypnosis lead to mass starvation among the human workers, along with vast electrical outages plaguing the non organic laborers.

Scientists reached for explanation have only just begun to theorize as to the mega-structures origin. The estates of Arthur C. Clarke and Robert Heinlein did not respond to inquiries. The children of English rock band, Pink Floyd, are set to receive a special honorarium from Moon Ambassador Joseph Worm upon their complete arrival at Tranquility Aeroport.

The current AI version of Roger Waters had this to say on the subject. “Well of course back in the 70’s I knew that a trio of super-dense, reverberating, bio-luminescent alien pyramids would be the Moon’s salvation. After all, I took a lot of LSD.” AI Roger Waters will be touring minds across the galaxy next month, as the Intelligence will be releasing his 32nd solo album. Function over Form.

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