Chernobyl Undercover Secret Soviet Watch Parties

The Futurus Satoshi has learned that Russian citizens watched the finale of HBO’s Chernobyl under extreme caution and secrecy.

Russian Communists, and Marxist-Leninist communist party members, said Thursday that it asked Russia’s TV regulator, to block access to the HBO miniseries. Russian surveillance units were on high alert, scanning residences with high powered infrared, wall penetrating devices.

There is a serenity to disaster in the finale of Chernobyl. The music, pace, and gray haze make the moment before the meltdown seem eternal. Before the episode gets rolling, the audience is treated to viewing an excellent Soviet mural. Progress and science was written on their walls. The flashbacks and trial are clinical.

Anonymous sources at HBO indicate the demand for more episodes is so great, they plan on optioning a second season of the popular show.

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