IBM Builds Fort Knox National Crypto Wallet

Built to house the nation’s cryptocurrency reserves, the Fort Knox Quantum Vault allows the United States of North America to fully transfer its monetary system into the digital space. Storing America’s digital currency alongside its gold and paper reserves has made Fort Knox the most valuable 43 acres on the planet.

`Merica Coin Replace$ U$ Dollar

No longer will the U.S.N.A monetary system be a reality on printed paper money or metal coins. From now on, electronic and virtual balances and transactions will become the mainstay accounting unit, and focus of public policy.

Interplanetary Drug Kingpin Escapes Ryugu Asteroid Prison

Chaos on Ryugu after a notorious criminal escapes in a daring effort that included a massive tunnel and hyper speed rocket escape vessel. Suspect still on the loose.

Marines land on Alcatraz ~ CryptoMiners Riot

A Prisoner on the New Alcatraz CryptoMining Detention Island, Timothy Price spent most of his workdays replacing solar cells on the prison roof or tending to the Seagull hatcheries, and fishbeds. At lights out, he’d be locked to a computer terminal forced to kill combatants in an online virtual arena, or play an endless building simulator aiding construction bots terraforming Mars.

Satellite Home Sales Slowdown

Orbital construction confidence for single-family homes jumped from only one point, to 65, in August, says the National Association of Satellite Home Builders/Housing Market Index (HMI). Although the report states confidence is down, below the July 2088 reading of 68. Though any percentage above 50 is considered positive.

Read Satoshi’s White Paper

A monetary treatise for the ages, or mumbo-jumbo, debate still rages between people and robotic algorithms alike.

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