No more bad calls, no more missed balls and strikes, no more umpires. Baseball and a startup Artificial Intelligence company have teamed up under extreme secrecy to install an automated mistake proof umpiring system that will drastically change America’s game.

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred had no comment about the plan, and  the AI company, reportedly from NYC, has yet to be identified. The Major League Baseball Umpires Association declined our request for a statement, Union president and umpire Joe West rejected comment.

The Futurist Satoshi has obtained some leaked details being considered.

An adjustable holographic strike zone will be used to call balls and strikes which will match the batter’s physical dimensions. Home plate will turn red for a strike and green for a ball. Sensor chips in the ball and bat will determine foul tips including if the tip is caught by the catcher for an out. Each player will also wear sensors to eliminate safe or out base running decisions with the base lighting green for safe or red for out.

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Catches, traps and tags will also be sensor determined. The entire field will be laser covered to determine fair or foul balls, homeruns, and fan interference. Each park will be outfitted with up to fifty super high def cameras feeding into a new mainframe at MLB headquarters.

That video will be sent back to the most advanced robot AI ump who in a sealed computer room at the ballpark will monitor the games and has final say if there is any dispute. This AI robot ump will have the entire MLB rulebook embedded in its software as well as over one hundred years of extensive historical baseball information.

At least no more arguments, sorry Joe Madden.

By Jesse Omega Owens.

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